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23 August 2000 A Coruña, Spain

Six days after starting and three hours from the coast of Spain the wind slackened. I was preparing to drift around for the night, when I was called on the radio by Louis, a Dutchman who had started his circumnavigation the same time as me - of course - on board a big boat that was travelling faster than Trojka. When he had heard the weather forecast, he was about 100 miles in front of me. He had given his engine full power away from the storm. Unable to reach A Coruña, he had seeked refuge inside a bay and had spent a few days at anchor. From there they had measured wind speeds of 52 knots and was pretty worried about me, since he knew I was right in the middle of it. He was considering how long time there had to go by before he could inform the coast guard and get me help. When he heard that I was doing ok, without any damages but with no more gas and probably would be another day, he insisted on turning around and sailing the eight miles towards me with his spare can for his own dinghy's engine. A true gentleman.

We hurried to shore and nearly threw the boats at quay and conquered the nearest restaurant. Happy to see each other and Spain again, enjoying that the Bay of Biscay was behind us, just sitting in the pleasant warm night enjoying a meal we hadn't made ourselves and a cold beer. Yes, it was well-deserved..

In the following days we spoke to several who hadn't been as lucky as I had been. There were lots of damages to sails, booms and shrouds. One had completely lost his rigging and another had lost his courage and turned around to go home (a Dane).


Navigation by day in Spain     Dannebrog - the Danish flag

Navigation by day in Spain         Dannebrog - national flag of Denmark

Spain     News corner, Spain

Spain                                      News corner, Spain

31 August 2000 Isla Ons, Spain

I arrived at the island of Isla Ons on a dark night and anchored close to shore at the island's northeast corner, I was about 50 metres from shore. I woke up at around 10 and could hardly believe my own eyes. I had ended up at a nudist beach. Despite of this, I felt bad and thought that I might suffer mildly from sea sickness. I took a couple of pills and decided to get solid ground beneath my feet, got my dinghy inflated and packed a beach bag, a coke, biscuits, radio, etc. and rowed to shore. As soon as I laid down, I fell asleep. "Mister, Mister, you OK?". I woke up from somebody shaking my arm. For a moment I thought I had gone blind. It was almost pitch-dark. An older man looked worryingly into my eyes. "Yes, I'm okay", I tried to smile but after a whole day in the sun, my skin felt somewhat tight. I felt like my ears where moving instead in my attempt to smile and probably looked like a schmuck.

I had a splitting headache and really felt more like lying down. But staggering I got to my feet and managed to drag my dinghy to the shoreline, from where I watched while they were gathering my belongings!! Well arrived back at the boat, I prescribed myself with penicillin treatment and a small amount of other medicine. I'm not a doctor, but in the past I have had luck of getting my immune system "jump-started", and fell right asleep.

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