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We started (off) the day with pancakes and(/with) peanut butter, which we're actually quite used to(/we do most days) and after that started painting. Alex was working on installing the SSB radio and David was busy doing everything else(/all sorts of other things). At 10:00 a.m. we had finished the job, we're a terrific working team and had(/were having) fun while at it.
I noticed that David's anode looked brand new and asked when it had been replaced. Three years ago. Don't you think it has lasted well? But it's weird that the anode on the propeller always is totally gone every time the boat comes up?(?). That's getting your money's worth. If only there weren't going to be other(/further) expenses. I checked the(/his) ground connection. It was the usual 220 volt wire(/lead) that had been used to connect the heat exchanger to the anode. Undoubtedly there has been corrosion (going on) in(side) the engine or the heat exchanger, but it can't be seen from (the) outside and the anode on the propeller was all gone and the blades have corroded(/there had been corrosion to the blades). Of course(/Clearly) it "takes"(/corrodes) everything.

Later in the evening(/that night) I talked to Steve (up) at the bar and he wants to make David a proper frame connection(?) if he comes (out) with the old one, which he did the next day(/day after).

We went to the swimming pool where we were (lying) until sometime(/late?) in the afternoon, when we washed downed(/cleaned) the deck(s) shortly before getting Beacon in the water (again, edit). Afterwards(/After that) Nat and I went to Steve and Julie's where Nat gave Julie a haircut(/cut Julie's hair). While sitting (over) there I spotted Willy's boat Falado. It was Willy and Anni, who gave me the engine. I immediately went over there. I thought that they would've been on(/at) the Galapagos Islands by now. It turned out that he'd experienced a leaky motor oil pipe on the(/his) Mercedes. And according to the manometer(/pressure gauge) the oil pressure didn't drop!!! During transit I had (previously, edit) suggested to him that he might need(/ought to get) an acoustic alarm installed, since I didn't believe that he had (gotten) a 10 bar oil pressure. He didn't do(/hadn't done) that. That's going to cost him a rebuild. But luckily (for him) he's got lots of money and it was a German who ran the Mercedes repair shop, so he'll probably be back in the water again in no time. Klaus had gone home and it seemed evident(/obvious) that they, and especially Willy, weren't much for continuing sailing alone after this trip.

You can just sell Trojka and come (along) with us to Australia. We'll get married there and (then) we have had enough of sailing. Then you could continue from there with Nat on board free of charge. I thanked him many times (for the offer, edit) and told him that I really don't know what's going to happen, but that I would keep in touch with him no matter what I do.

Afterwards I went back to Nat and a little later Nat and I went back to Beacon and from there to the bar. Friday night was "live music night" and we felt like dancing. Damn it that girl makes me go insane(/crazy). We danced all night (long) and as usual ended the night by putting the table and the chairs(/stools) in (its) place. The bouncer seems to like us.

We were back on board Beacon. We turn each other so much on, it's wild(/to the extreme). We fell asleep in the morning.

All day(/of) Saturday went by doing some shopping. We went to the fruit and vegetable market. I headed "home" late in the afternoon.

Oh, bother(/hang it), "solitude sucks". After a couple of hours I went to the bar hoping to see(/run into) Nat or getting shit faced. I didn't want to take a water taxi to get to Beacon, I didn't want to come off (too) pushy. I didn't meet Nat. She wanted to(/planned on) go to sleep(/turn in) early and probably did. I sat in the bar drinking a couple of stiff vodkas. A young guy came up to me to borrow my lighter a couple of times and we talked a little the second time. Indeed it's a small world. It showed that the(/this) guy had Danish roots. His name is Hector Faarup. His grandfather immigrated to Panama and met his Lebanese wife here. Hector bought us a drink.

"I have never met(/run into) a Dane before. The only thing I know about Faarup in Denmark are those "girafs" standing on the the fields (Fårup Sommerland amusement parks, edit(?)). I don't think(/believe) that a lot of people are named Faarup and I gave him my e-mail address so I can help(/assist) him with the investigation when he wants to go to Denmark. And he wants to do that at some point he told me.

I left the bar at around 10 o'clock. I didn't feel like drinking anymore and wanted to get into he sailor mood(/frame of mind). I'm sailing to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow.


Min tøse-besætning på Panama-transitten

My female crew on the Panama transit


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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22