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This paragraph(/section) is all down to my hormones. And hormones, as we all know, can't be controlled. Down here they have a rather laid-back attitude towards prostitution. And a lot of the girls are really good-looking (and nice). It is all out in the open. When you are at an outdoor café they sit down and start talking to you. The whole time, Jens and I both refused it. Honestly though, we talked a bit about it. Indeed we do have some active hormones. Both Jens and I have travelled a lot. I'm no saint, I have been around the block, the girls need the money... ETC. Those were all the excuses.

Many of the girls are very young and sweet. Sidi, the girl who went with me, is 22 years old, slim and a really good-looking girl. We got into conversation straight away. Over time I have taught myself a little Portuguese/Spanish and Sidi speaks some English.

Maria and Jens seemed to have a good time too. After a couple of hours of clubbing etc., we went back to the boats. I was happy that Sidi was slim, since I only have a wall bed. We rowed out in Jens's dinghy. He dropped us off at my boat and we said good night to each other, winking like two schoolboys. - Hormones. - Sidi suggested that we took a shower, since my water sack/shower was hanging from the boom. And the water was hot too. We were soaping each other up and had fun. Sidi is really sweet and we had a wonderful night. She had said earlier that it would cost 1500 escudos, obviously a price that is negotiable. But I simply can't negotiate the price of another human without having a bad conscience. So I wanted to give her that or more. They gladly accept US dollars, which would be roughly $ 14.

I handed her $ 50. She could not believe her eyes and asked if she should return with the change. Jens felt that 50 dollars was too much and triumphed over him paying "only" $ 30. That was until he learned that one of the ten-dollar bills was actually a one hundred-dollar bill. So in fact he ended up paying 120 US dollars. But it was two very happy prostitutes who went home that morning. We agreed that this had been our development aid. Later on, Jens received a "freebie" from Maria. We often met and I didn't pay any longer. Well, maybe in form of "gifts" etc. On my last day there, Sidi asked if she could come with me. She cried and ran away from the place.

Notice(/Observe) the smile.

Notice the smile
The next morning he finds out that he paid 120 US dollars for the entertainment

A downhearted man, who just lost a fortune

A downhearted man, who just lost a fortune


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