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27 February 2001 Balboa, Panama

I checked in and had to pay 58 US$ for three nights(/overnight stays)!!!
And I know for sure that I'm not going anywhere before I have spent some days with Nat.

After that I dropped anchor until I'm ready to sail towards the Galapagos Islands. I went to the club to get my water containers filled and to get rid of rubbish(/trash).
As previously arranged, I met with Karsten Staffelt and he bought us a few drinks at the bar. We are to meet again tomorrow morning. He has sea maps and some information that I have to get photocopies of. And he'll drive me down to the anchorage so I can see it before sailing there. He is really helpful and (even, edit) asked if I needed the car for shopping or if there was anything else he could do for me, etc.

28 February 2001

Karsten picked me up at 09:00 a.m. and he gave me copies of various sea(/nautical) charts and several descriptions of the various islands. And then we went sightseeing in Balboa.

The rest of the day I carved a little and rested.

I talked to Carol, an older American woman. They have been here for seven months now, and they have had many repairs (needed to be done, edit) after being on a trip to the reef. They were up (there) all night and when help finally arrived, the rescue boat got its screw(/propeller) in their cable, so they had(/were forced) to call in assistance for that too. The next boat ran out of diesel and had to call (for) a third boat. And then they finally succeeded in getting out of there. But there were damages to ruddder(/helm) and propeller. And the shafts were bent and there were a few minor holes(/leaks) in the hull. The engine had got(ten) under water from the invading water and had to be renovated(/repaired). And it takes (a fair amount of, edit) time getting anything repaired here. And the first attempt to do so was unsuccessful. That has eaten so much into their capital that they're on the rocks(/in a tight spot). And there's no doubt that she doesn't feel like sailing anymore; What are we doing here. Instead of working on(/being busy with) the damn boat, we should be (at) home and enjoying life.
They had more or less not spoken to anybody since arriving here, and her husband never eats ashore? He's always working on the boat and she said that they never finish maintaining it. It's too big and we're too old. Something always have(/needs) to be done.
I'll pay them a visit tomorrow.

Right next to Trojka there's a South African boat. On (board) it is Nick, who at present(/the moment) has two others with him(/crew members). And while I was (sitting) in the cockpit carving, Nick called(/shouted); Do you want to come over for a cup of tea? No thanks, I have a birthday I have to attend tomorrow and have to get this little boat finished(/finish this little boat).; Do you have some whisper whisper? WHAT? Do you have some whisper whisper? Is it marijuana you mean(/'re talking about)?? YES! Well, actually I do have some, since I went to the pharmacy the other day?????

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