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We started the day by running 8 km. We started at around 8 AM. Then there's a nice temperature, and we had a delightful(/wonderful) run. Nat is a good runner and has been doing so for many years. Her style is (exactly) like mine and loves running far and not fast - just my attitude(/way of thinking). I couldn't find a running partner more compatible with me(/well matched) than her.

We met Carsten. He was in his car looking through his binoculars in the direction of my boat to see(/find) out what I was doing(/up to). He got a turn(/was shocked) when (he realized, edit) that I stood (right) behind him. We talked a little and after that ran back to the boat.

Having made our way back to the boat we had a shower. David told that he had decided that Vincent couldn't continue(/go on) on board. Vincent was sad (about that) and he asked me to talk to(/have a word) with him. (So) I recommended him to go to Colon and ask Bob if he could sail as a crew member there. Bob needs a crew and I think those two would get along just fine. Bob can't have entirely(/completely) "normal" people (as crew members, edit) on his boat. They simply won't be(/stay) there, him being too "peculiar"(/"special") for most people.

Nat and I helped Vincent getting disembarked(/going ashore) and got him on the right bus and told the driver where he should drop him off(/his destination)!
And then we would find(/look for) another small deserted place(/location) so we took the dinghy and sailed in search of one. The waves were reasonably big so we were(/which left us) quite wet when we finally found a small rocky beach where we thought we could land. It wasn't easy but Nat is a "doughty"(/"redoubtable") girl, who's used to taking care of herself, ((in the open(/countryside)) she is "tough", I don't have to take into consideration(/account) that she's a girl, she's just as strong as she is beautiful. With her everything is easy, being two about everything, carrying the dinghy, engine, etc. I removed(/took off) the engine (out) in the water and put it up on the rocks since the swells were quite vehement(/heavy/strong) and wanted to throw the boat against the rocks. Meanwhile(/In the meantime) Nat was in (the) water to the waist and struggled(/fighted) to keep the boat out(/from hitting the rocks) until I got back. Together we lifted it ashore, and I'm(/must say that I'm) pretty proud of her.
Then we enjoyed the whole(/all) day there. We we lying in the shadow of a palm tree. Nat had packed a bag with sandwiches, this and that and a bottle of water. And after a light lunch, we did(/went) a little bare-footed rock climbing and exploring the area(/territory). Late in the afternoon we headed back and had ourselves a proper(/real) waterline getting the boat in the water because of(/caused by) swells.

On our way back we stopped and talked to(with) Judy and L.J., and American and(/with) her son. Her husband John is from New Zealand, but he had just left (to run some errands, edit) ashore. We promised we would return (at) another(/some) time.

Together(/The two of us) made(/prepared) supper. David asked me to look through his maps to see to see if there should be any I wanted copies of(/from). And there were (few/some). Here I'll save a lot of money. Tomorrow morning we'll go to Balboa to get the copies made(/done) and to send some emails, do a bit of shopping, etc.


We went to Balboa and enjoyed each other's company. We have been talking seriously about and already now know that I'm(/ends in me) coming(/going) to Canada one way or the other. Thursday afternoon Beacon had to beached for a hull cleaning and a paint job, etc. I asked David if it would be okay to come along. Then I could help cleaning, painting, etc. Of course I was welcome to stay. I'll do anything to be with Nat. Not that I wouldn't help David. I would.

We got it beached safely(/nice and easy) and together Nat and I cleaned the hull. She looked lovely(/wonderful) in blue. It was dripping (with) blue paint(/was dripping) when we washed clean the hull. We went to the bar that night and stayed until after closing time. The bouncer is getting used to us.

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22