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5 June 2001

Today we pulled ourselves together and put up "For sale" slips(/signs/posters/notices) around(/here and there) and the first two have (already, edit) called and are to see(/have a look at) the boat tomorrow.

Nat has caught the flu and is feeling quite(/rather) poor(/unwell). I woke up early (today) and ran to town for bread. When I returned, Natalie had made tea and we went to town (at) around 8 AM.
She had to go to the bank, buy plane tickets and all sorts of different things in town. So I went to Gary's boat by myself and after having coffee at the sailor bar, we sailed the(/his) boat to the other marina. It went smoothly except from him not knowing(/recognizing) the sea marks(/navigation marks) and certainly(/absolutely) insisting(/wanting) to "look them up" in a book every time we met(/passed) one? We saw some yellow sea marks of which one had a yellow cross. I said that it was an isolated hindrance(/obstacle/barrier) and that we had to go round it. But he said it was a marked canal we had to go along(/sail in). It proved to be(/came to show) that it was a REEF, so lunch was on Gary at a "fancy" restaurant. He seemed very happy to arrive safely in port(/harbour). That man definitely shouldn't sail alone(/by himself).

Afterwards I talked to pretty much everybody in and around the marina regarding Trojka and put up "For sale" notices (in) many places.

We met back at the house at around 3 p.m. and Nat had to take a nap, she was exhausted.

We'll(/are to) be departing (by plane) for L.A. on the 16th and from there on the 18th. It's going to be quite nice reading a newspaper once again. I'm clueless as to(/don't know) what has happened in the world in the last year (or so). None of us have either read a newspaper or watched TV for(/in) a long time.

It probably won't be easy getting very much for Trojka. But as long as she can(/will) be sold, I'll be happy. A couple of people have called today and are to see her tomorrow.

6 June 2001

I had an appointment(/arranged to meet) Patrick this morning at around 10 o'clock and after seeing the boat, he wants to find out(/get control of) what his economic(/financial) situation is and call back. He's in love with the little(/small) boat, no doubt(s) (about that).
Patrick is a Frenchman residing here. He's about 35 years old(/in his mid-30's), the Jesus-type (of guy), dressed in something similar of(/to) a tunic, loosely hanging white missionary clothes. He doesn't wear the(/his) cross on his back though, but around his neck.

I had to go to the marina once more(/again). Christian called and was interested in several(/various) things(/parts), among other things the life raft and the Furlex. I explained the(/my) situation to him and asked him to call again tonight(/this evening). Of course I would prefer selling the boat (together) with all the equipment, but I have(/I'm forced) to acknowledge(/recognize) that selling a boat in 10 days might be a tough task. Because of this(/Therefore) I have put it (up) for sale cheap(ly) - and the equipment for sale separately. There will probably(/most likely) be a better chance of other sailors setting out on long voyages will be needing the equipment and have the money (to buy it, edit).

When I came(/arrived) back at the house in the afternoon, Nat had made (us) lunch. Afterwards we went to the other end of Papeete. Here there is (yet) another yacht club. We spoke to someone (here), who is running(/runs) a sailing school for young people(/youth) and were allowed to put up a notice(/slip), and asked him if he would be interested in having the boat(/it), if we end(ed) up (only, edit)selling all the equipment, (that is) as a donation to the school. And he was. (I mean, edit), I can't just leave the boat here.

When we got back, Patrick had called(/tried calling) to say that he wants to buy the boat. I called him (back) and(/so) tomorrow morning I have to go to the authorities with him to get the papers sorted out(/paperwork done).
I just hope(/I'm just hoping) (that) they don't give me a "hard time".

We made dinner and like always had it(/dined/ate) outside. We have a really(/an incredibly) cozy "porch". During this journey I have come to(/learned to) appreciate both white and red wine and we're practicing(/practising) some(/a little), that's just lovely(/nice/perfect).

Nat had to go to bed early(/early to bed) because of the flu and I'm out here under(/beneath) the black night sky. The stars are not nearly as beautiful as they are when you're at sea though. (But)(/Well,) It's time for me to turn in(/hit the sack) as well, the mosquitos are beginning(/starting) to tease me.

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