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4 April 2001

I left the boat early morning because I didn't want to be on board when the port captain might do a round. I went to visit some German backpackers, who live in little cabins(/huts/chalets). I bought breakfast and woke up "the gang"(/everybody). The neighbours were(/are) Swedes, so Stefani and I went to get more bread. We all sat by the pool beneath the palm trees and had (probably, edit) the funniest breakfast of my life.

The money had arrived(/was on my account) shortly before noon. I quickly did my last (bit of) shopping and left(/departed) around 4 p.m. I dragged 60 litres of gas, a backpack filled with food and 20 litres of water. I really(/actually) wanted to buy some more bread and biscuits but didn't dare to go one more time because of the port captain.

I went by engine for 41 hours and now I have six litres of gas I need when (if) I at one time in the future arrive at Marquesas.

I need to go far south before I can count on "stable" wind(s). Actually wise people are saying that I have to get down (to) about 8-10 degrees south, which will be around 700 miles south before going westwards(/towards the west). Atuona Hiva-Oa, the anchorage I'm aiming for is situated at 9 degrees 48 min. south.

At this moment my average speed is 3.2 miles/hour. When I'm talking about average speed, it's not entirely true. Actually I'm going faster but I'm only counting with the part of the speed that leads me in the right direction (VMG) and I'm still heading(/steering) south so most of the miles are southward(s) and are not accounted for with(/in) my "average speed", only what makes me getting closer to my destination, Hiva-Oa, Marquesas (Islands).

There's no wind and I'm drifting (around).

And it has started to rain.....

7 April 2001
No wind, my average speed the last 24 hours is 2.3 knots.

It's raining and the sea is annoying.

And then my 450 US$ radio just stopped working. What the f... is the matter with Sony. Maybe it's the salty air they don't like? With the other(/my old one) it was the crystal(?) that was ruined(/had opted out) and this one acts(/behaves) exactly like that (one).

8 April 2001
No wind at all. My average speed the last 24 hours is 0.16 knots.

It's still raining and I have filled everything that holds water.

And then I got big time diarrhoea. Shortly after eating oatmeal with powdered milk I wanted to check the meal(/oatmeal) in the can. There were little white insects/maggots inside - and many of them, so that was thrown overboard.

9 April 2001
No wind, still raining, but the temperature is still around 35°C and my average speed the last(/latest) 24 hours is 1.3 knots.

The(/my) cup fell to the floor and I have got a big Dorado on the hook. I have eaten some of it. The rest I'm trying to dry. Not that I need it, more like wanting to see if it can be done.

When I drag a line, it's firmly fixed in(side) the cockpit and then raised and fastened in a clip. The clip has a string that runs(/leads) to the cabin. And in that end is a metal cup. When it falls to the floor there's a rise. Simple but good.

Now, in the middle of the day the wind starts (blowing) - it's from one extreme to the other and the waves are big and unpleasant(/nasty). I'm spending most of the time in bed(/my berth).

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