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2 July 2000

After three days there, it was still very windy and generally an annoying weather with winds from different directions every day. Because of this, I went to Delfzijl on July 9, 2000, from where I entered the Dutch canals. At this point already feeling like a circumnavigator of the world.

At present, the boat of my dreams (on a small budget) would be an approx. 30 ft, 35 hp INBOARD engine and then a few separate wishes, e.g. enough room to stand up straight. (That would be so nice).

The journey down through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France was annoying. Constant southwest winds and crosswinds every day. My boat is jibing pretty poorly. I'm doing 2-3½ knots and don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. And if you happen to notice the small display on the GPS called SMG (speed made good) - that's the part of your speed heading in the right direction - it's going all wrong. Especially if it tells you that you're doing less than 1,5 knots. Then I'm ready to drop anchor or head to shore, since continuing would be a waste of time. In light of this, I went for the Dutch canals. It was a great experience "gliding" through the landscape. And I had a good feeling, when finally I was able to sail every day, or at least when I wanted to.

From Delfzijl I went on through Groningen, Dokkum, Harlingen and Stavoren and reached Amsterdam on July 16, 2000. I visited several World War II battlegrounds. I also went to museums in Dunkirk, Calais, Dieppe and Saint-Valery-en-Caux.

Groningen, Holland
Groningen, Holland

Lovely view in Dutch canal
Lovely view in a Dutch canal

Dutch harbour
Dutch port

Sluser i Holland. Skiltet viser en fiskestang med en træsko, hvor man kan lægge penge
Control gates, Holland

The sign shows a fishing rod and a clog, into which you can put money

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