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12 January 2001

I started the day by snorkelling the reef outside the port. I didn't have it all to myself out there today. A diving boat was out there with a team of about 20 divers. Beginners going for their first dive. Some jumped in the water head first, arriving at the surface without their masks (on). They had only one instructor, who couldn't "handle" all those people. But it was a happy atmosphere. Even when he was shouting out loud.

Every time I'm in the water, I'm astonished. It's not for nothing that Bonaire is a proclaimed "Diver's Paradise". You swim alongside thousands of fish in perhaps 100 different types and sizes. Really amazing.

I went to see Kent. Right away, he made us cheese sandwiches, which I always get when visiting Swedes. He wouldn't have gone this time a year: "I'm too old. I want a comfortable voyage....," he told me. But if you don't worry (too much) about comfort and don't mind spending some of your time in hove-to(/feeling worn out), while cold fronts pass (by) its possible. But it won't be comfortable, according to Kent.

I'll await Richard's decision tomorrow. Now he has had some time to think things over. I'll make my (own) decision afterwards.

Tom has been working hard all day. The owner will arrive tonight.

13 January 2001

Today I went to Bob's boat. He is a 64-year-old Englishman, who last night went along with "our" group to dine. He is an engineer and single sailor. And Christ! What (/somewhat of a character) a personality. He believes that all animals have souls and therefore won't eat them. He believes in everything spiritual and always looks(/searches) for "wise persons", he had made this(/a) machine for a "doctor", who had received the drawings (for it) from a supernatural force. But when he had nearly finished building it (he) realised that it was his own soul that was to be the driving force(/fuel) to run it. So he decided not to finish it, which I naturally(/totally) could understand...

He told me that I was a particularly good person. He had already heard the lobster story. When everyone else started laughing, he became angry and wished he had told them that I had been(/was) chosen to see (for myself, edit) that all God's creatures do (indeed, edit) have a soul, which must not be violated(/infringed on).

He showed me various bibles, books, etc. but didn't "preach". We had a delightful day. He was extremely inspiring and interesting to be around, but also very different.

14 January 2001

Tom and Jen came over and we exchanged e-mail addresses. It's so easy to keep in touch (these days, edit). It's just that by now there are a lot of people to keep in touch with. But I really do hope to see these people again. They have been really kind to me and we have had a fun time together.

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