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15 January 2001

Over the course of the weekend, I decided to continue. And Richard never contacted me either, too bad for him. Who knows, maybe it's a "sign".

Today, I was given a "talking to" at the immigration office because of the way I was dressed. I was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans, an extremely sun-faded t-shirt and no shoes. A lack of respect to show up dressed like that, I was told. And he asked what he was supposed to do. Implying that he wanted me to come back there - decently dressed (which I didn't feel like). So I told him the near truth. That all my clothes look like this because of the sun. And I don't wear shoes because of a¨foot infection. And it's true that all the clothes I wear actually look like this. (I do however have something put away for a festive occasion).

Maybe I ought to buy some "Authority clothes" - clothes for clearing when arriving and departing(/setting out). I felt(/did feel) a little embarrased, since there were quite a few employees at the office, who were all looking at me. The problem is that you get used to seeing yourself wearing these rags(/shreds) and clothes mean nothing to me, and absolutely nothing when you're(/I'm) alone at sea.

Mark, the guy who works as Bob's deckhand, came to visit me and we had an amusing afternoon. I was well entertained by stories about Bob and his many ideas. On one of Mark's first days on board, Bob had forbidden him to put sugar in his tea. "It will make you aggressive". After a couple of days at sea Bob found out that Mark was (indeed, edit) sneaking his way to get the sugar. "Look what you're forcing me to do". And then Bob poured the sugar overboard. I think that would have made me aggressive, but Mark is a kind young man. Much later Bob asked, "Now do you see how much better you feel without the sugar?". That would surely have made me madly(/frantically) aggressive.

The thing about the infectious wounds must have something to do with(/derive from) my dehydration. I have infections everywhere and even the smallest wounds and cuts are developing for the worse with no indication of getting better (soon, edit). I have tried cleaning them on a daily basis, and (I have,edit) tried wrapping them up and keeping them dry that is not showering(/bathing) / swimming. Then I tried swimming and showering(/bathing) and not wrapping them up(/in). I have tried with and without ointment. I have tried antibiotic since I now also have (got) swollen glands in the groin and under my arms, but maybe I only needed to get to sea...........

I got(/was given) some canvas(, sailcloth) and a sail glove from/by Kirsti at the sail loft, so now I'm(/I should be) able to do my own sail repairs...

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22