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9 June 2001

We went to Trojka in(/at) the marina. By now I have (practically, edit) given up on(/concerning) Patrick. Apparently he (just) doesn't have the money, that's the problem. I know (for a fact, edit) that he wants(/does want) the boat. We met him out there(/here) and the neighbour tells that he comes by on a daily basis and sits(/to sit) inside the cockpit?? We met him again and I told him that now Trojka will (/is going to) be set on shore(/brought ashore) and then the price will go up with all the costs we will be getting. He is to(/He'll) call (me, edit) tonight.

Behind Trojka is a Canadian boat now. And one of the guys; Gerhard, came over to say hello(/hi). So many people think it's so amazing that I have travelled(/sailed) all the way from Denmark, so he wanted to come over to shake hands. (I have said it before. Anyone who (really) WANTS to go on a circumnavigation(/around the world) can do so if the boat is safe. Like other aspects of life, it's not always the size that matters, and I'm getting sick (and tired) of all the people who think that it is so goddamn hard(/difficult)).

Gerhard is around 60 years old. Originally a German citizen, but (he) has lived in Canada, and actually Vancouver for the past 40 years. How lucky since that's where I'm going to be living. He told me that it is the best place in the world to live(/reside), about his Danish friends, who (also) live there and about the Scandinavian club they have there, so now my contacts should be a done deal.

We had a couple of beers with Fred. He is a crew member at a 94 ft. sailboat, so big, fancy and luxurious that it doesn't even impress me (anymore/any longer, edit). We have been on board several times, he never knows when the owner arrives, but usually for about three weeks' time every year. The rest of the time he is (on board) by himself.

Patrick called. He has still got problems finding(/raising) the money. Tomorrow we are to take the bus (60 km.) to (go to) another marina to receive(/get) prices and look at the localities.

We went for a long walk and got widely around (??). We sat at a training ground(/sports stadium), drank a cola(/coke) and watched the locals play the French (ball) game of Petanque. We arrived back (at the house, edit) late and had some tea.

10 June 2001

I woke up early and made pancakes and prepared a large fruit breakfast and was just ready(/done) when Nat woke up(/awoke).
It is incredibly fortunate, we use exactly the same size in clothes(/clothing), same length and everything(/all) - so (very) practical that we share (pieces of) clothes and shoes.

We got off to an early start and took the bus, when (suddenly, edit) it stopped half way there (??), we hitchhiked (/thumbed it) the rest of the way. At first with an older French gentleman and later(/after that) with a local woman, who works for Hertz(/as a Hertz employee) at the airport. She wanted to speak English and drove on a huge(/giant) detour(/long way round) to take us to(/drop us off at) the marina. I want to(/I'll) look for her when we get to the airport, she's really sweet(/nice).

The prices(/pricing) (there, edit) were fair. Of course(/Naturally) it's cheapest(/it would be cheaper) to lie(/be/stay) in the water and(/where) they offered (tip) top(/optimum) conditions. Bruno, the French manager, showed us the place(/gave us the tour) and was incredibly pleasant(/nice) (to be around). The marina is small and really cozy. There are workshop facilities where they're building boats, there's just a lovely atmosphere here. There are several foreign boats set on shore and in the water is a Norwegian boat, but nobody was home. It looked abandoned too. Sails were removed etc.

We made a deal(/an agreement) that we will be(/are to) sail (round/over) there tomorrow. We took the bus back and stopped at the marina to pay and buy more gas, so we can go by engine if there isn't any wind (blowing). I guess(/presume) it will(/is going to) be an eight hour sail over there.

We talked about making(/wanted to make) a journey(/outing) out of it and are actually looking forward to making this trip together. We haven't sailed a whole lot together and never on board Trojka, except from the trip from the harbour(/port) to the marina with Jason. Today we are going shopping for the trip and we'll spend the night out there. It'll be fun.

At the quay we met Fred and had a cola with him and I walked to the boat to pick up the containers. On board was a note from Patrick. Fred later told that Patrick had been there in the morning. "Call me so we can meet and sign the contract, I have the money!!". Well, then there's no reason (for us, edit) to buy (any) gas, so I walked back and Natalie gaped a little, when I returned without the containers(/empty-handed).

We decided to give him (yet, edit) another(/one more) chance. He's had a few and I'm so "tired" of him.

We did a lot of shopping. Tonight Nat and I are going out for dinner by(/with) some locals. We have been there many times to dine(/eat) and such. They have a "restaurant", but it's kind of a private affair, for family and friends only. And there are many of them (too, edit). They have invited some family members and we have invited Nick, the guy who asked for marijuana at Balboa Yacht Club.

I called Patrick from a phone booth and(/but) there was no reply(/he didn't answer). He's driving me crazy. It would be nice knowing(/to know) where you stand. We agreed(/talked about) that he quite(/pretty) surely(/certainly) would have called the house, he has "our" number. No one had called, but when I was going to make a phone call, I couldn't get the(/a) dial tone and found (out) that a telephone wasn't hung up properly. A couple of seconds later Patrick called and asked if he could come by the house to sign the contract. We were (running) late, but I would appreciate to get this over with, so he dropped(/came) by the house and we received the money. We signed the five copies of the contract. We made a deal(/an agreement) that we'll come to the marina tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to pick up our sailor clothes etc. We are definitely going to need them, he can have the rest.

I got to ask Patrick what he does for a living, and yes indeed, he is a priest on a kind(/sort) of missionary work(/mission) on(/at) the small islands in the Tuamotus territory(/area/region) and wants to use Trojka to sail around on official business(/in his official capacity). "The sailing Reverend(/Priest)" that's just splendid(/wonderful).

We arrived a little late and had had a tremendous night. The food was (just) perfect. Nick just didn't show (up). The singing and playing music went on into the early(/small) hours. It's fantastic(/fabulous) to hear Tahitians sing their local, traditional songs.

Life on a Pacific island is just beautiful(/marvelous) and they are all very happy people and there's an incredibly relaxed(/laid back) atmosphere (here).

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