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25 March 2001

Made this poem for Natalie;

Foolish smile
Often I wonder, what it would take
to wipe that foolish smile of my face
It occurs whenever, I think of you
or time we spend together - then too.
I can make it stop, but it happens all the time
because you are - most of the day, in my mind.
Who is doing it? - if it's me - I'm a fool
you know what I think - I think it's my soul.
I can't help it - it's just the way I feel
maybe it happens, so other can tell.
I don't worry about it - I just want to know
Does the same thing ever - happen to you.
"Did I ever tell you, that I love you??"





I think that's the first time I have "tried myself" in English, but I think I did reasonably so I made another one:

It is late at night, and I'm looking at the stars
and I'm wondering which one yours are.
The sky is so black and some stars so bright
I found a beautiful one, that one just might.
Sitting on my boat, alone - at night - at sea
knowing of you and what we have done together
in those few days we have known each other.
You "parked" me, remember - outside that store
going shopping with yu, is just one thing I adore.
Dancing with you was great, we had such fun
together we can do everything, work - relax or run.
The way you coiled your robe, you learned me too
in so many situations - Girl, I'm so proud of you.
We were on a each, I can't say, we went straight
you took a picture of me - with no pants on - great.
I know in many ways - you and I are just like one
Life is to be taken seriously, and there must be fun.
Thinking of you and the future, I just can't wait
adventures we had - so promising - it will be great.

The reference to the star has to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers, who bought a (her) star and named it after her. Very impressive!!!

It is 8:00 p.m. and my GPS says that I have another 100 miles before arrival(/arriving), but also says(/tells) that by this(/the current) speed I will(/am to) arrive tomorrow night around 11 p.m. So I have to think about how I want to park/heave to, since I won't be entering(/going in) in darkness.
So it'll be another night in addition to this one before I'll see Natalie. It's going to be very nice. The last couple of days have also been delightful. It wasn't a constant wind as I had thought(/anticipated) so I had the pleasure of some more idling. I don't know why it hasn't "driven" me insane, but I have enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, I'll do my laundry and clean the boat. Then I don't have to do it after arrival. And there's plenty of water (left). I have probably become more cautious(/careful) with(/when it comes to) using water. But at this point surely things can't go wrong with only(/a mere) 100 miles left.

Holy Toledo, a giant flying fish just came straight in the cockpit but I threw it overboard. On many occasions I have had them for breakfast but on this trip I haven't had any lights on at night. That's usually the reason why they land inboard because of the poor(/insignificant) wind. I have also not seen any(/other) ships. Perhaps they're there and I just don't see them when I'm sleeping for instance.

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