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12 March 2001

The day started off quite bad. I was pulling(/dragging) the mainsail up and the cockpit was filled with all the lines that are traced back(??). I stumbled(/tripped) over a rope end and almost fell overboard, but landed on one of those bars that makes up the rail(ing) around the boat right on my chest. It didn't hurt unbelievably (much), but it did hurt, and I broke a rib on my left side. The reason why I'm so sure(/can say that so confidently) is that a piece of the rib was stuck behind the small(er) piece(/stump) that is underneath, and I had an inward bump(/swelling), I was having(/experiencing) back muscle pain, but nothing in particular from the (actual) fracture (itself). I lay(/lied) (myself) down in the(/my) berth. Above it I have(/there's) a pipe and I wanted(/was planning) to pull myself up using my left arm (with/by this) getting the bone back in place. And after some tries(/attempts) I succeeded(/managed to) in getting it pushed (back) more or less(/reasonably) in place. It's still visible (though), but at least I got off cheap(ly). At worst I could have ruptured a lung. It's pretty(/quite) "aching"(/"sore") and (now, edit) I can't pull using my left arm. I know nothing can be done about it, so I haven't considered turning around and go to a hospital, even though I am insured.

15 March 2001

It continued with poor wind or no wind at all until today the 15th where I'm in (the) Doldrums. In four days I have only sailed(/gone) 220 miles. Actually (that's) quite(/fairly) good since(/considering) Trojka sails on even the slightest breeze. But (for) the last day or so it has been absolutely calm(/an absolute windless day (and night)) and(/which) leaves everything (up) to the current. I have done everything I had ever dreamt of doing if I ever were to be on a level(/flat) ocean without any wind - just too bad(/a drag) with the rib - everything must be done a little carefully. I have done some pilk fishing but didn't catch anything and other than(/apart from) that just enjoyed it(/the journey). But now I really just want a little wind to make me go south the next time (I'm getting) a breeze(/is coming my way) - hopefully to find more wind. According to the last(/latest) position I have on Doldrums, I had to go (down) to three degrees north to be(/stay/get) clear of it. And some advise you to go as far south as eight degrees. But I don't want to get too close to Columbia's coastline(/of Columbia) so I'll probably turn(/swing) a bit west as I move (further) down there.

Just south of the small Malpelo Island, I found a breeze. It's southwest(ward) and I'm on starboard ???? , but only at 2 k/h, so if the wind doesn't get a grip(/pick up) it's going to be many days before reaching(/arriving) at the Galapagos Islands.
There's a radar(-equipped) guard from the Navy(/Marine) stationed at Malpelo Island. He called me on the radio and we had a longer chat.

16 March 2001

It's 9 p.m. and in five days (of sailing) I have just gone 389 miles. At the moment(/Right now) I travel at(/I'm doing) a speed of 2.3 k/h. I have spent most of the day (just, edit) lying on the foredeck, enjoying life, did a little reading, a little sleeping and a little staring.

The Pacific Ocean is (totally) amazing(/incredible). So far, the whole of my navigation(/voyage) (in the Atlantic) has almost always been uncomfortable(/associated with some discomfort). (Either, edit) too much wind or (rough, edit) sea. But here I can't complain (about that here, edit). I'm not travelling very fast but dammit(/ah, hell) it's wonderful when the boat's just gliding across a perfectly(/totally) plane(/level) sea with (just) a small breeze bearing up the sails so I can lie (about) in the shadow daydreaming. Life is great and quite pleasant(/comfortable) when I'm able to find a position where I forget about my ribs.

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22