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2 May 2001

It is 5:00 p.m. and I have 327 miles left(/to go).

Pedro eats boiled rice, big time, but(/and) where there are pros, there are cons. It(/He) shits all over (the place). But it's easier to pick up when dry(/it has dried (out)). He is getting somewhat cocky. He's everywhere inside the cabin and he refuses to walk and flies around (instead).

I made new forerunners from the small three hooks. I'm curious to see(/find out) how big a fish I can(/am able to) catch on them. They're about 30-40 mm. long.

3 May 2001

Yesterday at around 8 p.m. I was lying in my berth reading. Rough winds were blowing and the sea really tiresome. Then all of a sudden a wire snapped, and there was no doubt it. The sound is "awful"(/"terrible") and it sent shivers down my spine.


Positionen hvor jeg måtte skifte wiren

The position where I had to replace the wire


Den sprungne vante. Se trevlerne på wiren.

The burst(/snapped) shroud - notice the stringy wire

On my way out of my berth I heard that the second wire was about to snap (also). It split(/parted) by itself and I could hear them "flick" in the air and my king post was moaning(/groaning) horribly loud. I jumped up and tore(/snatched) the helm(/rudder) around(/round) to make the boat go up wind(/haul the wind), tore down the sails and rolled in the fore course(/foresail). (Only)Then I took a look at the mast and the two lower shrouds (the two bottom(/lowest) wires that hold the mast) had snapped(/burst) and the mast had come very loose and knocked(/bumped) from side to side(/rickety).
I jumped up the mast and tied a short piece of rope(/rope end) around where the spreaders are, then lead the ends to either(/each) side of the deck and tied them there.
There was a tremendous(/heavy) sea so I found my floating anchor. Of course it was at the bottom so everything had to come up (in order for me to get to it, edit) befre throwing it in(/out there). I wanted to try if I would be able to get the bow up against the waves. I succeeded somewhat(/reasonably). Still, Trojka was jumping about. I had to find my old wires, which(/that) thank God, I had kept. They were at the bottom so everything had(/needed) to get out. That goes for the tools as well. Everything (had to go).
It's nice with(/to have) those steps but it's not comfortable at all. But it would get dark very soon so I was working at high speed. I got both wires fastened(/secured) to(/at) the mast, then folded up(/down) the steps and got (myself) down to fasten them to the deck. The mast was standing up bloody awful and I had(/needed) to straighten all stays from the beginning(/over again)..
I pulled up my(/set) sails and set(/got) the Windpilot to do the steering and then it was time for a coffee break (I must admit, edit)
When I was sitting there enjoying the coffee I congratulated myself on the successful operation. Hell of a job(/Nice going), Holden. And equipment(/tools), ropes and spare parts were everywhere to be seen in one big mess.
It took me an hour from when the lower shrouds snapped to I was sailing again, but two hours before everything was back in working order(/place). I was 300 miles from Hiva Oa when it happened(/occurred). It would have taken me a loooong time (if I had been forced, edit) to row down there without a mast.

I wrote Kolding Marine Centre a letter asking for(/requesting) a check to be sent to my parents in Denmark. I consider the deal to be terminated(/off). I'm asking for them to show understanding of me being a long way from home and (therefore) am unable to drop by.

I bought the entire set on May 17, 2000. I have to replace the others as well. One of the upper shrouds also has a loose end. I have secured that side with (a) boom haul up wire. I didn't feel like getting all the way to the top in that (heavy, edit) sea. I'm going to cut off some of the ends and send(/mail) them(/it) to them. They're becoming rusty(/corroding) in the joints.

Today the wind is quite rough. I have reefed down to avoid putting any more pressure on the rigging than necessary. At 11:00 a.m. I had 246 miles to go.

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