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12 April 2001

That wind didn't last very long. My average speed for April 9 was 3½ knots. April 11 it was 3.0 and on the 12th: 3.3. If I use that figure to calculate my average speed for the rest of the navigation, say 3.3 to(/compared with) 2476 miles left, I have another 31 days at sea. And when I arrive, Beacon most likely would have set out(/departed). Then I need to just bunker water and provisions and then set sail again. Sailing is really magnificent(/glorious)..................

14 April 2001

There's continuous raining most of the day and by now (almost, edit) everything is soaked(/soaking wet/drenched). That includes indoor, since I need to sail with a closed door(/the door closed) to avoid getting the rain inside my bed. So now I have steam(/mist)/condensed water everywhere and it's damn hot with the closed door.

The only positive aspect(/thing) about all that rain is that I can get washed in fresh water every day. Sitting naked inside the cockpit and washing myself with soap(/soaping myself) is magnificent(/wonderful) when the alternative is to lie inside sweating half to death.

I threw the (air) dried meat out today. It didn't look particularly appetizing and because of all he rain it wasn't really very dry. And I caught a tuna for lunch.

Yesterday's average speed was 4.0 and today's 3.4 miles/hour. I'm now down 7 degrees 6 minutes south and now I want to go steer straight at(/towards) Hiva-Oa. The wind looks (to be) "stable", there's just too much of it. I don't feel like spending any more time getting further south if I can, although(/albeit) slowly, begin to come nearer(/closer to) Atuona.

I'm on(/My position is) 101 degrees 11 minutes west and Atuona, Hiva-Oa is on 139 degrees 2 minutes west so there's a long way to go. According to my GPS there are (right now) 2254 miles. It uses great circle navigation.

Beautiful nights:

Skønne aftener    Skønne aftener

Skønne aftener    Skønne aftener

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22