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I have saved myself dinner. I was snorkelling at a reef. I went out there in my dinghy and caught a lobster. Right now it is walking around the cockpit. I have put in the plugs and filled water up to the door frame. I have to go out and borrow a pot big enough. You kill them by throwing them in(to) boiling water, and I'm afraid it'll just jump out of or catch hold of the rim of mine.
I bought myself a new radio, a Sony world receiver. My "old" one has been on the floor one too many times and isn't working anymore. There are no possibilities of getting it repaired here, and I can't do without it. I listen to the SSB stations on it. It sure was expensive. 450 US$ for the latest model. I hope this turns out to be as good as the old one. It's really small. I bought a map of Panama and spent the rest of the day shopping. Big time; 40 kg of rice, 20 kg sugar, 20 kg oatmeal, 10 kg pancake powder and a bunch of other stuff. I was in luck too. They had a large quantity of cans that were just about to reach the sell-by date. Half a guilder apiece, and I bought a lot. Many of them containing sauce. When I'm making rice with vegetables, I just add the sauce directly into the pot, when the rice and vegetables are done and the water is gone. A real feast. And also cheaper than all that HP ketchup I usually use.

Tomorrow I will go to the marina shop to swap books. I have read everything on board and have once again started reading instruction manuals. That's the positive side of getting calcified. You can read the same book over and over.

I just set the lobster free again. I hate it when you start having a relationship with your food. I actually thought it was rather cute. I could make it pull a piece of string, so it could open the door on its own. It looked pretty funny when it switched from one claw to the other. If I pushed the door, it would use all its strength. All those small legs just "crabbing" backwards. And it looked happy when I carried it to the beach to set it free. And I swear that it took one last glimpse back at me, when it reached the shoreline.

Incidentally there are positive and negative things about everything;
Mast step - positive; easy to go up when wires/tracing line are stuck
Mast step - negative; it's always in the steps they're stuck

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22