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28 January 2001

I got in touch with Karsten via e-mail. He will arrive tomorrow, Monday. In the meantime I want to find out where in Balboa he lives(/resides) and how the trailer situation looks.

One of the locals is looking into the possibility of me getting transported raftet(?) up to(wards) another boat to avoid having all these(/those) people on board. Road transport would probably(most likely) be the cheapest, but also the hardest(/most difficult/trouble) since the(/my) mast in this case would have to be removed. I guess I'll have to pick(/accept) the cheapest solution, no matter how much trouble it gives me.

29 January 2001

On Tuesday morning I'm going sailing with Louis, a French single sailor(/orig.:single-hander) through the canal. He needed(/did need) crew(/people), but had just hired four locals, when I offered to come along for free just for the ride. An offer he accepted.

Karsten was here today. He has been living here for 33 years and is now "semi-retired". He used to work with(/in) shipping(/transportation by sea), but now only does consultant jobs. He's still trying to find a big enough trailer to fit Trojka. I'm counting on(/expecting to be) knowing more tomorrow.

Louis will pick me up at 05:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. The pilot is due to board at 06.00 a.m. I'm hoping that Trojka's still here at anchor when I return(/come back). So far it's gone smoothly(/unproblematical). No complaints about anchoring too close to the marina. Though, I have heard from Niels, a Swede who's been here for (the last, edit) nine months - that one of the locals, the owner(s) of the club had noticed me(/my presence). But he had just said(/made a remark) that it's such a small boat, if he behaves (well) he'll be all right. So I will do an effort doing (just) that......

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22