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I woke up when the sun was at its highest. It was shining through the window, right down in my face. I was almost swimming in my bed and therefore wanted to go to the cockpit to lie in the shadow. I only wondered a little why there was fresh fruit up here and the bottle of water in my bed. I never buy water.

"Mister - Mister!" Surprised that someone was on board, I woke up with yet another older gentleman standing right next to me, shaking my arm. And this man had the rudeness to pinch me! I explained to him that I was ok and also smiled a little to reassure him. But I could hardly open my eyes, that's how tired I was. He forced me to sit up straight, looked me in the eyes, in my throat, tested my reflexes, then laid me down. First on my stomach, then on my back. Foolishly I tried to go to sleep again and only fully awoke when he said; "Hospital".
"NO!" - it flew out of me. Now it was his turn to be surprised. I pulled myself together and got a little water in my face. Only then to see Enrico and wife, the man who woke me up on the beach, standing up in a rowing boat. To prove to this doctor that I was doing ok, I told him that I had already started taking penicillin after which it was his turn to say, "NO - NO!! Fever go down, but don't come out. NO!". He gave me some pills I had to swallow before taking a rest. I thought to myself that that surely would be easy. They left and said they would return the following day. Enrico explained to me how it had all taken place. During dinner, Enrico's son had told about this strange Gringo, who spent all day sleeping on the beach, only interrupted by one crawl down to the water. Therefore Enrico and his wife decided to go look for me and found me there with chattering teeth, wrapped in a blanket. They had sent me off towards the boat but were still worried, so the next morning they had rowed out. Unable to wake me up, they had contacted the doctor.

With a big lump in my throat, I tried expressing my gratitude for their help and consideration. All this trouble because of a complete stranger. They seemed almost shy and said that it was nothing --------- I got to my feet to wave goodbye. I kept expressing my gratitude and love etc., to both them as well as their country in general, only then to realize that I was butt-naked!!!

The next day Enrico and the doctor returned. I was then in the cockpit, feeling a little it better. Immensely pleased with this and after a thorough examination, I was told that Enrico would pick me up the next day and take me to the doctor's house. Again, I received fresh fruits and water.

I was picked up the following day, feeling better, but still a bit weary. When we got to the doctor, Enrico was sent to the kitchen and I received a really thorough examination. Thereafter a lecture about the importance of a versatile and varied diet with a scrutiny of some large posters. He was full of pride teaching me this, so it took me some time before I almost hesitantly asked what was wrong with me; A virus, nothing for me to worry about.....

That night I had something to eat at the strong urging of Enrico. It was impossible for me to refuse dinner at his home, and both he and the doctor refused most certainly to receive any form of payment. I felt very "small" and grateful and tried explaining to them something about "thanks only being a humble(/weak) word" (Danish saying, edit). I'm not sure if they understood me, but they couldn't help but notice how grateful and touched I was.

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22