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31 March 2001

Nat and I are enjoying "strolling" around, sitting down for a cola and a talk, playing pool. But at night, usually it's "party time". We have a "regular café" and we spend every night dancing and having fun.

Tomorrow morning Beacon is going to Isla Isabella and is to stay there for about a week. I have decided to sail directly(straight) to Marquesas for(/to get) a head start. It's a 3300 mile journey and if I'll be getting reasonable(/fair) amount of wind it shouldn't be(/take) more than 30-35 days. But with poor to no wind (at all) it can take (as much as, edit) 60-70 days. If I have to spend that much time (say more than 30 days) then I won't get to see Nat on Hiva-Oa. By then Beacon would have continued on. That means(/would mean) that I should only bunker water and provisions and then continue to Tahiti. Cool I think, after maybe 30-60 days alone at sea, but the yearning to be with Nat will surely be bigger.

We went to a bar early in the afternoon, played pool and drank lots of beers. It's funny, Nat feels exactly like I do: As long as we don't mix beers with other things, we both can keep it going for days. We had a fantastically(/an incredibly) funny afternoon and an even funnier evening. All evening(/night) went by beating all the others in two-on-two pool. We make a great couple(/team).

2 April 2001

Nat made us pancakes and Staycy came over to say goodbye. I got a lift from her, when Beacon took off around 8 AM.
So now I'm all alone again, and why is that so annoying(/dull)?????

I'm awaiting a money transfer and have gone shopping for vegetables and provisions. I have decided not to buy that much provisions, but will (instead) mostly live on eating rice and pasta. I have quite much (left) and will have to get it used(/eaten). The boat is to be sold or be(/get) housed on Tahiti and from there we will be going to Canada. The plan is for me to meet the family. We are going to stay there for a few days - at her parents' house - and then we're going to take off for a couple of months in her four-wheel drive(/4x4) to explore Canada together. There are so many things Nat wants to show me, and a whole lot to be seen, I'm sure. Nat's sister's wedding is in Hawaii in August, and we might in connection with that get to visit Denmark (also).

I haven't seen the kids for almost a year. Time flies. Bad conscience with a vengeance..........

I borrowed some money from Guy and Bill. My money transfer is making slow progress(/has drawn out) and I'm broke(/flat). They're on the same boat as Staycy and David. The arrived (here) the day before yesterday and immediately invited to a party. They had two giant tunas and a barbecue grill. Later on we went to a bar and had (ourselves, edit) a great party and danced all night (long). David's a cool dancer.

3 April 2001

I'm still waiting for the money and at the same time keep(/maintain) a low profile. The port captain has been noting he name of my boat and(/so) today I have to stay on the boat, since I have seen(/noticed) they have been here a couple of times. I must admit that I haven't checked in and basically I'm here illegally. And I didn't check in at Wreck Bay neither.

Here at Academy Bay I have heard of someone who had to pay a little over 150 US$ and I simply won't pay that (amount, edit). The last stamp I got is from Colon. I checked out there before took(/went) for the navigation through the canal. I guess I'll have to check in at Hiva-Oa, Marquesas to get a it up-to-date. I'm hoping that it can e done without too many problems, but I'm sure it'll call for a little white lie or two........

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22