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Ooh help. That girl makes me feel insanely happy(/madly in love) when I see her emails.

Hi John

OH MY GOD!!!!!! I love you. Your letters made me feel amazing. You did not sound fucked at all; you sounded completely lucid. I share the same feelings in every respect. I need to see you.

I go the photos developed, so at least I can see your face. You look great. There are some good ones of the boat too.

I only have a moment to write here. David and Alex are waiting for me outside to go shopping. Looks like we are now transiting on Sunday, Saturday was totally booked. I will be heartbroken if I don't see you before you set sail.

It scares me when yo say you have mixed feelings because it makes me think I will never see you again and that it was all just a dream. Being with you is so real. I want to share everything with you even if I have to wait forever.

I love hearing from you and hope to see you in a few days. Keep me posted, my love,


Ooh, I'm in a bad way(/this is wrong(/not right)). I'm unable to think rational thoughts anymore. I'm lost (in reverie) and in love like never before(/I have never experienced it before). And a total mess.

My boat is too small for two. Even with the will it's simply impossible. I'm so infatuated with her that I wouldn't(/couldn't) offer her that(/this) and wouldn't dare(/have the nerves) with the responsibility for her I have to take(/assume). How's that any different than with the blacks? Well, apparently it just is!

Helena two, Bruno and Helena, a Swiss couple, are also at my new anchorage. I have met them several times (before). They have been (here) in Colon for seven months and they called (for me) as soon as the hook(/anchor?) had got hold(/was in place); (Why don't you) come over and join us, dinner is ready.
They told me that Atlanti, another Swiss boat, had lost both masts and got a hole in its hull during transit in(side) the first floodgate. And that(/it) was caused by the tug boat they were tied to the side of(/next to), lost the(ir) line at the back, drifted(/went) forward(/straight ahead) with the tide before both turning and(/which left) Atlantis getting under the back(/rear) end of af container ship that was (lying) in front of them and all of the rigging fell (down) on both boats. Thank God nobody was hit or got injured.
If only the tugboat's boatman had been on the bridge, he could with his revolving propeller and his 3000 horsepower (boat, edit) have saved the situation(/this from happening). But he was downstairs drinking coffee.
A representative from the Canal Company came and signed the papers(/paperwork) and said they took full responsibility. It would also have been (pretty, edit) hard getting out of, one(/you) should think.

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22