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4 January 2001 Kralendijk, Bonaire


Bad og barbering i cockpittet

Shower and a shave inside the cockpit



But now I was gliding happily on in the breeze and reached Bonaire on January 4 after 26 days at sea.
A huge flock of flamingos took off as I approached Lucra point. And when I sailed along the beach, I saw parrots in the trees. Right before arriving in port, there are some big snow-covered mountains/hills that actually are mountains of salt ready for shipping. I read somewhere that flamingo droppings are a contributing factor in the prodution of salt. I guess I'll have to check up on that...



Ankomst til Bonnaire     Små slanger i vandet, Bonnaire

Arrival at Bonaire                  Small water snakes, Bonaire



On my way to town, I had my foresail/boat/wind steering trimmed, so it would be able to sail on its own, and I could get my Windpilot removed and installed the motor. It doesn't look like it is possible by sail. First off they want me to go to the office before they would give me a spot.


The nice thing about arriving by sail is that there is always someone ready to help with the mooring. Especially your neighbours are always ready hehe (- to save their own boat from any damages). Though I have yet to hit anything by mistake and cause damage when going in by sail.

I went into the marina at about 4 p.m. and negotiated a price of 22 guilder instead of 35 guilder. The next day I moved to the corner, so I'm now staying here for free. I'm right next to the dinghies and people think that it looks funny. We often get our pictures taken. There are a lot of big 60-70 ft. boats. The smallest boat is 42 ft. Trojka actually couldn't moor at the bridges. It's too short. So I had to have a rope out to drag it away from the bridge.

I think I have deserved a couple of days at the marina, since I need a washing machine, water and the repairs that need to be done are a whole lot easier to fix in port than at anchor. And tonight I will go out for dinner.

One of the things I need to have fixed is a covering for my bed. When I get a wave in the cockpit, a great deal of it ends up in my bed if the door is open. Then I will make myself a half-door to keep it out. I also want to make a covering for my bed towards the primus. When the pot starts spraying it ends up in my quilt, which then smells like oil and cooking.

I have to cut a new thread for my wind steering, since it's wrecked. And I'll try if I can straighten my spreaders a little more forward, since they are pointng backwards a lot. When going with the wind, my mainsail constantly keeps drooping, on ??? and shrouds, which causes holes by the batten(s). I have now reinforced it with duct tape, but I will need to go out and buy needles, thread, sewing glove and fabric and start sewing.

I also need to have fittings made for my Baldur sunshade so it would be possible for it to stand in the cockpit. I'm thankful that I bought a mosquito net at Heligoland. For once it pays to be far-sighted, it swarms with mosquitos down here.



Trojka med Baldur parasol

Trojka with the Baldur sunshade High-tech? No, but less will do


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