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21 February 2001

I went to Bob's boat and helped him going up the mast. He had a lot of cans and rice, pasta, etc. which I bought(/took off his hands) for a cheap price. It contains all the things he believes(/thinks) isn't good for him.

23 February 2001

Yesterday when I was (sitting and) carving a wooden man it ended with me almost cutting off my index finger. I used a special knife with replaceable knife blades, the blade (suddenly, edit) popped out of the knife and got stuck(/caught) in my bone. I wrapped up my finger and almost don't "dare" unwrapping it again. I have got both needle and thread but no anaesthesia and when it happened I was bleeding so much that I wasn't able to sew. And it hurt like hell so all I felt like doing was wrapping it up. And I had to do that, I was "running dry". And I couldn't stop the bleeding......
The Austrian Bruno and his wife, who is a nurse, insisted that she should come over to change the bandage. And I was given a telling-off(/lecture). Now it's too late to sew. I have to return again tomorrow morning to get it cleaned again and change the bandage, which seems quite sensible(/reasonable) considering the bother I'm still experiencing with my knees/legs, and then (there's) the inflammation even though that is passing(/wearing) off.

24 February 2001

Today I sent(/mailed) the following letter to Mærsk;

Dear Mr. Mærsk

I'm sending you a copy of a magazine that was published in connection with the 20-year anniversary of the Free Zone here in Colon, Panama.
Here also you are nicely(/neatly, pretty well) represented.....

As a Danish single sailor (of the globe) aboard a small 22 ft. boat you feel very small indeed, but also very proud when you meet Mærsk ships.

When having to pass through the canal all yachts have to have four men (beside the one who's steering) to handle the lines inside the floodgates. Only a few are that many (crew members, edit) so you help each other. I have been through five times now and every time we have at least met one Mærsk ship. One time we were lucky to see two Mærsk ships pass each other at Gatun Lake (in the middle of the canal).

Today I was on board a boat along with Germans and Englishmen. And I had told (them) about all these wonderful Danish ships (that all sailors know). And that we would probably would meet(/see) one. And I had also told about many Mærsk ships having their main administrative bases places where they're unable to enter, for instance (the Danish island of,edit) Rømø....

And soon (enough) a Mærsk ship appeared in the horizon and we were all anxious(/curious) to see its name and main (administrative) base. But ouch! Suddenly I felt very small . English flag and LONDON...........

Ever since, I have been given a hard(/tough) time by the the damn Englishmen who think that it was completely(/totally) amusing(/delightful). ????????????????????????????? (At least it wasn't German, which would've been unbearable).

I understand that when running(/carrying on) a business you sometimes have to distinguish between loyalty and business. But could there at least just be a "Denmark" noted in brackets???

If it's(/would be) possible, I would like to receive some brochures, readily with glossy(/richly coloured) pictures. I think that your blue coloured ships are very dashing.

Since I'm on the move, I only have an email address:

But my parents' address can willingly be used;

Anders Holden Jørgensen


6710 Esbjerg V

P.S.: If you should have a ship nearby that could "sponsor" a few outgoing sea maps, I would gladly sail a detour.

P.P.S.: I have a friend who's sailing as officer - first(/chief) officer - captain. If possible I would like to know what(/which) ship he's on and where. I think it would be funny(/amusing) seeing him in(/on) open sea. His name is Frede Maier, XXX, Esbjerg.

Best regards,
John Holden, Trojka Danmark of Esbjerg


Now I'm (just) curious to see if I ever hear from him.

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