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I have pipes both inside and outside. Bolted together. Holding on really shouldn't be a problem. Even so, I time and time again watched them waiting in the doorway until the roll was over and then almost running across the boat before the next. Now, it's a very small boat but not once did I see them make it all the way without tripping - either over me, the primus or the wash basin. Then I'm losing my cool, when I have told them a hundred times how easily they could injure themselves, and explained them the situation we would be in if someone fractures an arm or a leg or gets scalded by boiling water.

On Christmas Eve I gave them both US$ 50 as a Christmas present, and I was given a gold chain(/necklace). (It sure looked like the one Robert used to be wearing...).

I went to sleep at 8 p.m. and they celebrated Christmas Eve with the rest of the sweets...... We slept all through the night and didn't see any ships during the whole trip. Small wonder since we were sleeping........

Our last night before reaching Tobago, we came very close to a Colombian tanker.

During our whole travel we had plenty of wind and arrived at Tobago after an 18 day and 2100 mile sailing. We arrived at night time and according to the chart, there ought to be a leading light Q,WRG, but there wasn't. Or at least they had forgot to turn it on. After two attempts, I put Trojka hove-to and slept for a couple of hours. I was feeling somewhat insecure when navigating so close to rocks I couldn't see. But I could hear the swell hitting them. And since I haven't got a detailed chart, I didn't want to give it any more tries.

Sunrise is at about 6 AM, so I started sailing towards "Man of War Bay" at 4 AM. It was pitch dark, the wind started to pick up and we had torrential rain. The two black boys would rather go back into the cabin. "We're going to be wet and cold....". Then I have had it - creatures of comfort..... "DID YOU HEAR ME COMPLAIN? YOU FUCKING SIT THERE AND LOOK OUT, ASSHOLES....". The more eyes the better, and it was almost hopeless to see anything. We were thrown around in heavy sea and were of course delayed. At 07:00 we were inside the "Pirates Bay", and I dropped anchor close to the beach.


Ohh, these mornings                           It can't all be work, now can it?

Ohh these mornings                                        It can't all be work, now can it?

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22