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11 May 2001

I woke up quite(/pretty) late, believe it or not. Nat was missing her (hand)bag (along) with her plane ticket, credit card, etc., sunglasses and sandals??? Past noon I went to Jean Marie's and found the things. I had told Nat that I probably(/most likely) wouldn't get out of drinking a beer with him, but after the fifth, I "skipped off" even though the sixth was (already, edit) opened. I only managed to leave the place by promising that I would go and pick up Nat and return at once(/straight away). I did know however that Nat probably wouldn't be up for(/feel like) it.
I came back slightly plastered (we're talking big half a litre beers) and we went for a walk on the beach. (Reeling and rocking........)

Nat called her mom to ask if she would like to come to Tahiti and keep her company until I arrive and indeed(/actually) they made plans straight away. She's coming down here for 10 days(' time) and they are to visit(/travel around) to various islands and have fun(/a pleasant time). I'm hoping that I can make it over there before she is to fly back home in the morning of the 27th. I would be nice to get to know her here. In that case she could also prepare the family a bit(/little). I'm going(/travelling) to Canada with Nat once the boat is (either) sold or (stabled???).

14 May 2001

We checked out of the hotel and in to a small resort where we got a (thatched) bungalow. The roof was made from palm leaves and is half-way open, but at half the price and twice as nice(/cozy). We spend all our time looking around, having a pleasant time(/fun), cooking and talking. We're able to pick many mangoes, grapefruits, papayas, coconuts, breadfruits and a whole lot of more(/other things). Wild chickens are everywhere to be found, (though, edit) they'll have to fry for a long(/quite some) time because they're so tough(/of their toughness), but it tastes fantastic(/fabulous). Furthermore, fish are so unbelievably easy to catch.
We often eat(/have our meals) on the beach using bonfire and (use) palm leaves as plates. Then there's no bother with any(/the) dishes(/washing-up).

17 May 2001

Nat has just left for the anchorage. She insisted that I shouldn't jump in the water to clean(se) the hull of Trojka because of the bandage around my leg. Algae and barnacles(?) can steal as much as two knots an hour. So now she's swimming around out there, scraping algae and barnacles off my boat. What a girl.

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From Esbjerg, Denmark to Tahiti aboard a Junker 22