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16 January 2001

Departure early moring.

I have gotten small bugs in my oatmeal so I have to sort them out before I'm ready to eat, what a drag, it's a whole new pack? Again I was visited by pilot fish for a couple of days. I guess that even the pilot fish have realised(/understood) that GPS navigation is the way to go (great circle - navigation).

23 January 2001 Colon, Panama

Ugh(!) what a trip....

I'll start keeping to the time tables described in the book "Routes of the World". I had a miserale(/lousy) time with way too much wind and sea. Twice I (had to) put the boat in hove-to, since it was no longer possible to go on.

I was knocked over(/down) - the mast (fell, edit) in the water a(/one) dark night - and (I) lost my lifebuoy that was(/used to be) on the side of the boat. And simultaneously(/at the same time) my safety belt and strap that were in one of the cockpit pockets disappeared(/vanished), and my very best casserole and various cutlery(/flatware), etc. That is what you get from postponing(/putting off) the dishes(/washig up) until later (on)..... Since I didn't get a shield(ing) for my bed made at Bonaire, I spent most of the trip in a wet bed and (eventually, edit) I'll end up with salt water wounds if I don't soon pull myself together.

When I was 10-15 hours from the entrance(/entering) the wind died down and the rest of the journey was as laborious(/tiresome) as the start.

I called the container ship McKinney Mærsk when I reached the entrance and they were heading out, they didn't answer....

They're great(/enormous) ships and there are plenty of them (here, edit). The Panama Canal must be a good business. I went straight to anchor and din't bother to check in. That'll have to wait until(/till) tomorrow. There's a long way (from here, edit) to the marina, which has the only dinghy landing place. (Why haven't I got a small 2 HP.....)

A Swedish married couple came sailing out to me to say hello. We're the only Scandinavians here at the moment. I washed my bed clothes(/bedding). It's impossible to dry out the salt water, hope it dries out tonight/tomorrow. And I made myself a men's dinner. It was nice to have a good tuck-in(/feed). (Rice and sauce).

There are no mosquitos here, but a damn(/bloody) lot of flies.

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